Plant Hire

Digwright operates a fleet of well maintained late model equipment with experienced operators to carry out what ever tasks your project may require. GPS guidance and control allows operators to be more productive and accurate. Most of our Excavators, Dozers and Graders have the latest TOPCON GPS systems fitted along with network and base station solutions to work in with your project requirements. Digwright can also provide and source other equipment outside our on fleet such as Scrapers, Road profilers, Tub and Horizontal Grinders and more.
Call us today for rates on our equipment and packages to suit large and small projects.


Excavators from 1.7ton through to 50 ton. Digwright have you covered with a large range of attachments including rock hammers, grabs and tilt buckets. TOPCON GPS ensures a cut to level finish while increasing productivity and reducing the need for surveyors and staff on the ground checking levels.

Articulated Dump Trucks

Our fleet of Volvo dump trucks are known in the industry for their performance in bad ground conditions and high productivity and reliability when the going is good. Digwright operates 30ton and 40ton trucks with or without tail gates.


Compaction is critical on most earthworks projects and our CAT 825 and 815 with GPS ensure that if you are using trucks, scrapers or dozers to move dirt you achieve your required compaction results productively. Digwright also has vibrating pad foot and smooth drum rollers.


This versatile machine has multiple attachment including 4 in 1 tilt bucket, spreader bar, pallet forks and slasher. Ideal for tight access and still has the ability to load 10m3 tippers.


Digwright dozer fleet ranges from D6T dozers to D10T dozers all equipped with TOPCON GPS and 3Dmc2 on our D6s. Topcon 3Dmc2 is a fully automated system and allows the operator final trim large areas at faster speeds and high accuracy to leave an almost grader finish with the production of a bulldozer. Digwright’s D6T with a VPAT blade has impressive capabilities with running gravels and pavement layers as well as better trimming and shaping results.


Our CAT 621H scrapers are efficient, productive and reliable packaged with our D9T dozer and 825H compactor with loading times of less than 40 seconds they are hard to beat with their speed and short cycle times.


Digwright’s CAT 140M are equipped with fully automated GPS and LPS systems. mm GPS also help achieve 0mm to +5mm tolerances for Main Roads pavement conformances and AC preparation.


Truck and Quad, Semi Tippers, 10m3 Body Trucks enable Digwright to self perform offsite export and import of material to or from your project

Water Carts

Dust control, roadworks, compaction and watering landscaped areas. Our trucks equipped with cannons, batter sprays and dribble bars for all these applications.